Ways To Get Your Ex Back for Free

I know there are a lot of you gals that are searching for ways to get your ex back for free and I can’t say as I blame you. Times are tough right now and we all could use a little break from having to buy something we can get for free. First things first, I’m not a professional counselor so if you think you need that then you should contact one. I’m just here to give you some free advice that might help you get your ex back.

This first tip may go without saying but you would be surprised at how many woman skip this crucial step in recovering a relationship. Talk to him about the breakup, he might know or tell you something that you didn’t think of before. It might be something as simple as your going out to much with your friends and he’s feeling left out. Maybe your looking for a bigger commitment then he’s willing to give and he feels pressured. If you have this knowledge you can figure out the best way to get your ex back.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to him or if he won’t give you a clue then talk to mutual friends. Guy’s don’t suffer in silence so if something is bothering him then he told someone. You just have to figure out who he told. Your best bet here is the other guy’s you know that are friends with your ex. It would be pretty unusual for him to tell a woman how he was feeling but don’t count the girls out either. Your on a mission to get your ex back so pull out the old detective hat and go to work.

Something else you can try is to learn something new that you never did together in the past. If he’s a sports fanatic then learn about the sport and his favorite team, have a conversation about it with him. If he acts surprised about your new found interest tell him you’ve had more time on your hands and you wanted to see what what it was all about. If your a feminine type and won’t do sports then invite him over for a small dinner party 5 or 6 people tops. Make some of his favorite foods but don’t let on that you did it just for him. He’ll be in a good mood when the after dinner conversations start and you could try talking to him then.

This may seem like a lot of work but hey, this article may be titled “for free” but it’s still going to require some work on your part. If I had named it way to get your ex back by working real hard you probably wouldn’t have read it!

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