T Dub’s Magic Of Making Up Review

The Magic of Making Up is a book by TW Jackson. It has 8 chapters and teaches you stage by stage what you should do to get back together with your ex. It tells you that the first step is to understand the different reasons men have for ending relationships and what they want in relationships. Next, it teaches you how to go about sorting out your emotions, tells you why you should cool off a little, and what to don’t to do during this cooling period. It also introduces you to "The Fast Forward Technique", which is an effective way to help you get over the pain. Thirdly, the book teaches you the ways to evaluate your relationship and what you should consider when you decide your next step. It is really important to evaluate the reasons you have for wanting to get back together with someone. After that, the The Magic of Making Up focuses on the plan to win back your ex. First, it teaches you how to take care of yourself which is crucial in helping you get your ex back. It gives a wide variety of useful ways to look / feel different and discusses the reasons for doing so. It basically teaches you how to break the pattern and start afresh. Next, it tells you how dating other people can help you feel better about yourself, and thus actually helps in you winning your ex back. It also tells you what steps you need to take to contact your ex so as to go on a date successfully. Most importantly, it also tells you what you should…

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