Steps To Get Over Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend!

If you have just broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you’re heartbroken. You’re shattered. You seem to have given up hope. You don’t see a way of getting your ex back. You can’t find a way to get over her either. If this is what your situation currently looks like, read what I’m about to write. I’ve been in your situation before, more than once, and have enough experience to help you out.

Before I start though, let me tell you one thing. I realize that you are going through mixed feelings, roller coaster of emotions. But, whatever it currently seems like, you will have to strictly follow what I’m suggesting to see any positive changes.

The first step is to keep yourself busy. When you’re fresh from a breakup, you tend to not do things. One likes to be without company, lonely and thinking about the lovely past. However, rather than helping you, it only worsens your case and harms your situation. Keep yourself busy: go out with your friends, make new friends, shop for stuff you like, overhaul your entire look. You need to do things that will keep your attention diverted from the fact that you’ve recently passed a tough breakup phase.

You should not try to rekindle your relationship. Let the decision stand once you’ve decided what you’re going to do. The reason is that even if you try, absolutely nothing positive will come out of it and you’ll end up hurting your self-esteem. You don’t want that to happen. Many people make this mistake and the whole process becomes a vicious circle that has no end.

Next step is to remove your ex girlfriend off your life – remove everything that may remind you of your ex. Everything means everything — her photos, belongings, contact numbers, gifts, everything. Her family members should be avoided too, if you know them. Just disappear off her life. One thing I want to add: Don’t be angry at her. Your relationship was unique and you must have shared some great moments. You don’t need to be angry or resent your decision.

Lastly: start dating! You may not be ready for long-term commitment at the moment but you can start without any baggage and without any expectations. Just be clear with your partner. Don’t make it a rebound relationship. You definitely don’t want to hurt the feelings of someone on the other side.

Also, you need to have good control over yourself in order to overcome your current situation. Its easy to control yourself for a week or so and then make a silly mistake which leads to nothing. You start from scratch and just keep making the mistakes again and again. Due to this, you gain absolutely nothing and lose everything.

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