Signs your Boyfriend is Losing Interest

Relationships are a living breathing thing, if one of you loses interest then that relationship, like any living thing, will start to die. It makes for tough times when the split up is single sided and your the one wondering what is going on. There are lots of signs that you can look out for that can put you in a much better position to counter-act the lost interest. Here are a few of those signs your boyfriend is losing interest:


This is probably the first thing you’ll notice. Your boyfriend will be much less touchy feely. He wont kiss you, touch you or feel you as much as he used to you’ll also notice he’s not as flirty and won’t compliment you as often as he used to. When someone loves you they will make an effort to make you feel good even at a subconscious level. When this starts to fade away you’ll start to get the “feeling” that something is missing.


Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship, if you notice that your boyfriend doesn’t reply to your texts as often, or he may not return your calls as quickly as he used to or maybe not at all. This is a good sign that his interest in you may be fading. Ask yourself this, when you and your boyfriend make plans to hang out for the day, does he always want to have other people come along too? If you get the feeling he does not want to be “alone” with you and that he prefers to always go out with you AND other people then there is an interest problem. Don’t confuse this with wanting to hang out with friends, that is completely natural but there should be some time every week set aside just for you!


This is his general attitude towards you when your alone. Does he blow off a lot of what you say, ignore you or forget dates then come back with “I forgot” types of excuses? This may be a sign your boyfriend is losing interest in you and should be counteracted as soon as possible if you want to keep him around.

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