Win Him Back Today How To

7 Tips That Will Help You Win Him Back Today

Did you recently breakup with a guy thinking he wasn’t what you wanted, only to learn that he was the best thing that happened to you? Do you regret your decision to walk away from him? Well, there is hope for you…even if he is dating someone else. Believe it or not, you can still win him back today even if it looks like he has moved on. How do win your ex-boyfriend back if he is dating another girl?

1 – Create Desire

Quit wondering how to get him back and start creating some desire that will bring him back. Begin thinking about all the times you had together. Think about what he did for you, how he held you close, how he made feel during those times. Think about how he looked into your eyes and how he used to love you.

2 – Become A Better Person

If you want to win him back today, you need to ask yourself what you were like during the relationship. If you don’t have a positive attitude, you need to change that. Do you remember what you were like when you first caught his attention? It’s time to resort back to that. After all, your attitude speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. It’s time to be a better person than you were when he dumped you.

3 – Become His Friend Again

You and your ex probably didn’t just meet and sleep together. Rather, you were probably friends first and worked your way into something more. Guess what? You need to do it again. Yes, it can be very traumatic to break up with a guy and try to be his friend again. However, if you want him back, you need to suck it up and become his friend.

Make sure you’re friendly and supportive, which is what he looks for in a friend. Don’t get into arguments and certainly don’t talk about the past. Of course, disagreements about politics and sports are normal especially if you both don’t agree about something. Just agree to disagree and move on!

4 – Avoid Desperation and Neediness

While you’re reestablishing the friendship in order to win him back today, you certainly don’t want to act desperate or needy. Rather, handle things on your own whenever you can. After all, when he sees you crying about something, he’ll start thinking negative thoughts about you. If something traumatic happened in your life, don’t be afraid to tell him. However, just keep your cool. You certainly don’t want to become depressed, as it can be a real turnoff to him. Stay strong whenever you are around him.

5 – Always Look Your Best

You must always look your best…even if you don’t think you’ll see each other. Why? Society has a real problem about judging a book by its cover. You don’t want to go out in public wearing hair curlers and a bathroom. After all, what happens if you run into him out in public and with his girlfriend too? Major embarrassing!

Rather, you need to wear clothing that is appealing to his senses. You know what styles he likes so make sure you wear something that will catch his attention…even if he is out and about with his ex. After all, he’s a man… he will notice!

6 – Be Flirty

Now is the time to get flirtatious with your ex if you want to win him back today. You don’t want to go overboard or anything; just a little touch or sweet smile to build up the excitement between you two. It lets him know that you’d like to be more than friends without making it obvious. Be subtle with the hints you throw but make sure he knows that you’re making them.

7 – Spend Time With Other Friends

Now, you don’t want to spend every waking moment with your ex-boyfriend. So, if you want to win him back today, you need to remember to have your own life away from his. Remember, to build up excitement between you, you should also spend time with people you care about such as your other friends and family. What you want him to do is wonder how you are and who is taking your time away from him today.

Keep in mind that your ex-boyfriend is on the rebound. So, it’s highly unlikely that he is very serious about the girl he is dating at that moment. So, if you want to win him back today, you need to employ the helpful tips above to ensure that you do catch his attention in a positive manner. After all, he is watching to see what you are doing, whether you realize it or not! Good luck!

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