Going Through A Breakup? Here’s Advice To Get Your Ex Back

Trying to stop hurting after a split with your ex is a painful reminder of what you risk losing and intensify sometimes can be unbearable. You are probably looking for a way to “move on”, and at the same time you are wrestling with the inevitable realization that the end of your relationship is at hand. Ironically I am going to show you how to do both: move on with your life and at the same time win your ex back fast.

Getting your ex back after a break up is not only possible, but almost certain if you understand basic psychology.

You must turn the tables on your ex and make it appear as if you have moved on with your life. More often than not an ex will beg, cry, scream and yell, they’ll do everything in their power to try stopping their partner from leaving in order to stop feeling the pain of being dumped.

If begging, crying, and pleading describes what you are doing right now, you must stop it immediately; you are only reassuring your ex that dumping you was right thing to do. This is not something you want!

The best way to stop feeling hurt after a split is to get your mate back using this simple, but powerful method.

Your aim here will be to get your partner to feel that they were dumped by YOU, and then they will start to question their decision and hopefully feel that they made the biggest mistake of their life by leaving you. No pleading or crying will win your ex back in the long run; logically this makes sense and yet we are guilty of getting emotional.

Go along with the break up, and thank your ex for the time you have spent as a couple; tell them that you now understand it’s for the best. Cease ALL communication with your ex partner and ignore their phone calls for a time.

Your ex will be confused by your actions; they will wonder why you suddenly have agreed to the break up, this is where things will begin to turn around and it paves the way for the reuniting to commence.

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