Get Him Back – Ten Step Crash Course

Desperate times call for desperate measures so if you really want to get him back then you may have to go that extra mile. As I’ve mentioned to you before, there are thousands upon thousands of women that go through a disheartening breakup with an ex and many of them are able to turn the tables and get him back forever!

Here’s a ten step guide to get you going on the right path:

1. Patience is a Virtue – Trying to win your ex back can be a time consuming endeavor that cannot be rushed! Don’t lose faith and stick to your game plan. Don’t try and see him too often too quickly. Space out your co-incidental run ins.

2. Always Look Your Best – Dress for success is the old saying and it rings true when trying to get him back. I’m not talking about just when you plan on seeing him. You need to look good all the time. You never know when you might run into him. Getting a makeover or a new hair style won’t hurt either.

3. Keep Your Chin Up – Your frame of mind is so important when trying to rekindle a flame. If you appear heartbroken and desperate then you won’t appear very desirable. He has to understand that your world doesn’t revolve around around him (even though it might). Boyfriends, much less ex boyfriends, can be afraid of commitment so now is not the time to lay that on him.

4. Start a New Hobby – This may sound weird but it goes to step 3 above. Breaking up with your ex is a very traumatic experience. If you don’t find something to help occupy your mind then you’ll go crazy with grief. You need to get out and do things, this helps your frame of mind as well as your effort to get him back.

5. Be Independent – You have to do things for yourself even if he’s involved. An example would be if you work together then don’t carpool with him unless your the one doing the driving. If you get invited to the same function or party then make sure you drive yourself. You don’t want to be subservient in any way.

6. Keep a Friendly Disposition – There are so many breakups that end with one of the parties involved in the breakup hating the other, this is counter productive and won’t help you get him back. He’ll probably be confused and wonder why your not mad. Especially if it’s his fault you broke up in the first place. He just might see something in you that he hasn’t seen for awhile, rekindling the relationship.

7. It’s OK to Ask Him Out – If you’re doing step 6 then you still have a friendly relationship with your ex. It’s not out of the question to ask him out. but.. don’t ask him out on a date right away. Schedule an outing with friends you have in common, maybe going out to a lake for some fun in the sun. You get the idea. Let him see you having fun without actually being with him and he may start thinking of way’s to get you back.

8. Keep in Touch With Him – It’s ok to talk to your ex boyfriend when you see him. A friendly hello when you run into him, ask him how he’s doing, what he’s been doing with his time. If you followed step 4 (getting a new hobby) then you’ll have plenty of new things to talk about. Sometimes in a relationship when your together all the time you don’t have anything new to talk about and it can lead to a separation. With new things to spark conversation he just might ask you out for drinks!

9. Don’t Forget Holidays – Make sure to wish him well and pick up a little something for him on holidays such as birthdays, Christmas, or Valentines Day. Use this as another venue for getting to talk to him. He’ll appreciate it. Don’t go crazy with gifts here, you might come off as desperate or put him in an uncomfortable position of thinking he is “obligated”. You won’t get him back this way.

10. Don’t be a Stalker – This is the most important step of all. It can get you in trouble with the law and it will seal the deal on your breakup. As much as you may want to just sit in a car and watch him or follow him around secretly to find out what he’s up to. Don’t do it. Relationships are based on trust, and trust is earned not given freely.

Get Him Back – Ten Step Crash Course, brought to you by Karen Winters.

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