Do you Nuru? Try a fun and exciting Nuru Massage tonight!

Nuru Massage Gel

Have you performed a Nuru Massage? So, you’re not quite sure how to give a Nuru Massage? Well, keep reading and I will tell you everything you need to know to give the best and sexiest Nuru Massage.

You’ll definitely need to buy Nuru gel and a vinyl air mattress in order to give a sexy Nuru Massage. Buy a vinyl air mattress at any store. I highly recommend buying vinyl because it will allow you to slide around more easily. You should definitely purchase the self-inflating mattress because it’s easy to set up. The other thing you need to get is Nuru Massage Gel. Instead of using messy oil, you will use stainless Nuru gel to give the massage. Nuru Gel is made from a seaweed extract and perfectly safe to use. It’s non-toxic, unscented, and clear. To find out more information about Nuru Gel, read the Nuru Slide website.

Prepare ahead of time before giving the massage. Place the bottle of Nuru Gel in a sink of warm water until it reaches the desired temperature. Go ahead and inflate the air mattress. Then put a towel across the top where you two will lay your heads. Then, place a glass of warm water, a bowl and extra towels next to the air mattress.

You can now perform the massage. You will have to get wet in order for Nuru Gel to work. Take a hot, long bath. Rub it all over each other. Don’t dry yourself off when you are done. Now you head to the mattress. Your partner should lay down. Drop a load of Nuru Gel into the bowl. Combine the Gel and the water to get the right consistency. Adding too much water is bad because it dilutes the Nuru Gel. That is not what you want to happen. Take the finished Nuru Gel mix and apply it to your body. Now pour some on your partner. Climb on top of your partner and slide around. The sliding is the best part of the massage. You will both slide around. Try something new and exciting tonight with some Nuru Massage Gel.

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