Discover How Jewelry Became A Gift To Show Affection

It was not always that love was considered the reason that men and women got married, though we know that love itself is at least as old as the ancient literature and art works that archeologists are frequently finding. You may well be surprised by the values that relationships have been ruled by down through history, but learning about them is a great strategy to enjoy the freedoms all of us appreciate today. We will talk about some examples of the ways that romantic relationships were once viewed.

Scholars report that the earliest arrangements of human culture were in all probability tribes that would have been prevalent in the Paleolithic Era when humans were primarily hunter gatherers. It is very fascinating to note that a great deal of carvings from this time period suggest a goddess fetish. Perhaps you may know of the Venus of Willendorf, a rather plump female figure that is considered to be from 25,000 years BCE. From what little we understand of those times, it appears that in those days, mating was performed for the perpetuation of the tribe so that as the adults aged there would be younger and stronger people to carry on. It is not even known if monogamy was practiced in those times and most of the jewelry from that time period does not imply romantic connotations.

As tribes transformed into larger civilizations, historical documents like the Old Testament of the Bible as well as other literature indicates that men took wives according to social standing. Different types of this ‘harem style’ method occurred in most of the Middle East, Asia and Europe for centuries. Not very romantic, but it is theorized that during the early advancement of agriculture, individuals who could grow more food were allowed more children. This gradually turned into cities closer to what we have currently and when these came to the forefront and there was less of a struggle for survival taking place continually, jewelry came to be used as a gift to demonstrate affection.

While it would be difficult to establish precisely when ‘romance’ first occurred across Earth’s societies, it is definite that as relationships became less about reproduction of the species and much more about social standing or self satisfaction, romance came to the top. Thus, in a sense, romance whereby we get married and live together purely for love, is a relatively new notion. Even the jewelry stores in Austin Texas nowadays are new in their strategy of offering diamonds as signs of ‘forever love’. Certainly, we have to acknowledge that it is really a more charming and free means of looking at love that we appreciate today.

As we have seen, romance has evolved and grown down through the generations. Scholars may not be able to give us a full play by play, nevertheless they clearly reveal that life was most likely different in past eras and perhaps not as rosy as we may well see it at present. Either way, it really is a fantastic thing to have love in modern times when it genuinely can mean the world to us.

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