Body Language Attraction

Sadly a greatly underrated technique, body language attraction is often over looked. The majority of communication doesn’t actually come from what we are saying vocally, it is from our body language!

We’ve all received mixed signals from people in the past when they tell us one thing but their body language tells a different story, so the last thing we want is to make the same mistake.

When I think about just how effective using body language can be in the world of attraction, the phrase “A picture speaks a thousand words” comes to my mind.

Using techniques like this are priceless when it comes to how to get a second chance or if you want to get back my girlfriend.

Don’t Over Analyse It

You will really hinder your chances if it becomes obvious that you are being tentative with all of your movements, so it is really important to feel and especially feel natural when it comes to body language attraction.

As with most things in life, you’ll get the best results if you start by concentrating on the basics, smiling, keeping good posture and making eye contact. Creating a comfortable atmosphere to allow you both to make a connection and open up to each other is the aim of making eye contact. That being said you shouldn’t stare at her eyes like it’s a competition, don’t over-do it! This gives your eyes somewhere to go and stops them moving around all over the place making you look nervous, twitchy and unconfident. You want to show women that you are interested in what they are saying and that they have your attention, and keeping a good level of eye contact accomplishes that.

It makes you much more trustworthy if you have a good posture, giving off a strong and confident impression of yourself. If a person slouches then they can give off a lazy impression, like they aren’t confident in what they are saying and can’t be bothered to make any kind of effort. It’s obvious which type of person you want to come across as and it’s such a simple step to take to use body language attraction to your advantage.

One thing you definitely DON’T want to do is staring at a woman’s chest.

Be friendly and welcoming with your body

You want a woman to feel comfortable with you, so she can relax and open up. You will appear very closed off and unsociable if you cross your arms or legs. Trying to keep open arms along with an open, inviting body tends to make women feel comfortable and secure to be in your company.

You might disagree with some of the things said in this article but remember that not all of these are on a conscious level. Body language attraction can be the perfect tool for you to use to gain a good rapport with a woman, because it is mostly subconscious and works without us even knowing about it.

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