Best Ways to Meet College Girls at Bars

A good amount of guys don’t know approach girls. The thought of approaching a girl at a bar is a terrifying thought for many men. Alot of men will decide to play it safe and never meet a girl they would like to talk to. This isn’t a good idea. By not approaching women you are missing out on meeting someone special or meeting new people. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Most guys do not want to take the risk of being rejected so they will not approach. When they do mess up, they often don’t know what they did wrong and become hopeless. There is a solution however. The key is understanding how to actually approach women do increase your chance for success. There are many little things you can do to greatly improve your results with girls you just met.

Being confident is hard for some guys. The is the hardest part for some men. A lot of guys will be afraid of the girl and not act confident. Girls do not want to meet guys that are afraid of them. The answer is to talk to everyone like you are at least their equal. Things like over complimenting a girl and spending a ton of money on her actually make you look bad.

After that, you need to be different. A lot of hot girls are constantly approached by guys. When guys say the same thing over and over it can get annoying. Don’t worry about being straight forward. It will actually end up getting you a lot more attention and creating more interest if you come completely unique.

Next, be sure to talk to everyone when you approach. Many guys will make the mistake of approaching a group of girls and then only talking to one girl. This isn’t good because the other girls are left out. The other girls will usually get restless and end up killing your conversation. Try to talk to everyone at once. Once they all approve of you, they will give you a chance to talk to the girl you originally came to talk to.

Keep all this in mind if you want to learn how to flirt with a girl and to be a college flirt.

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